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A Resistência (Val McDermid)

This is an attempt to translate the blurb of a book as literally as possible to avoid the lazy trap of sticking to words and grammar I know how to say when writing texts. Thanks again to ThisCatIsConfused for the help

Estamos* no fim de semana do solstício de Verão e cento e cinquenta mil pessoas reúnem-se numa quinta a nordeste de Inglaterra para assistir** a um festival de música ao ar livre. No início, uns salpicos de chuva parecem ser a única coisa capaz de estragar a diversão – até que surge uma doença misteriosa. Rapidamente, a doença espalha-se com uma velocidade electrizante*** e parece resistente aos antibióticos todos.
Será que a jornalista Zoe Meadows (hum… O resumo diz “Meadows” mas dentro do livro ela se chama Zoe Beck…) consegue rastrear o surto à sua fonte, e será descoberta uma cura antes da doença se tornar numa pandemia?

Um thriller empolgante, Resistência imagina um cenário de pesadelo**** que aparenta ser demasiado credível no rescaldo***** do covid-19

*=estamos no (“we are in the weeekend of…”) works better than está no… (“it’s the weekend of..”)

**=it’s been three years since I wrote a blog post specifically about the word “assistir” and I still haven’t got over the discovery of the weird interlinking meanings.

***=electrizante means electrifying and I’m a little surprised it works here but it seems to pass muster!

****=”nightmare scenario”

*****=the original English version has a couple of colloquial phrases in it that seem to have caused confusion. One was “bug” as in “stomach bug” which was corrected to “inseto” but that was a misunderstanding because the person who kindly translated it for me thought I meant the illness was transmitted by some kind of insect. This word “wake” might be the cause of a second mis-correction. The original says “in the wake of” which I put as “na sequência de” but I think the person who corrected it might have thought “wake” had its more usual meaning, as in “wake up” because they changed it to “no surgimento”. I discussed it with my resident expert who advised “no rescaldo” was better

I can’t say I really agree with the blurb. If you want to know more about the book and what I actually thought of it, have a look at my Goodreads profile.


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