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Practice Portuguese

It seems like there’s a lot going on at Practice Portuguese, everyone’s go-to European Portuguese resource. The lads are now both full-time on the project as paid work, freeing up time for their non-paid work: dadding.

But even better, they’ve got a new app out that makes it easier to use their content on a phone. This could be a real game changer for a lot of people. At the moment it’s only in beta but I’ve downloaded it and it looks good.

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O Outro Lado De Z (Nuno Duarte)

notebook_image_1040017Hmmm, há muitas coisas para apreciar neste livro: a arte, as personagens, as asneiras… Mas no fundo, a história não faz sentido e deixou-me insatisfeito. Já li uma outra BD do mesmo autor e tive o mesmo problema: o gajo deve de ter mais trabalho em planear o enredo.

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Caderneta de Cromos



Que desgraça. Tenho tão pouca vontade de ler os três livros portugueses que tenho em andamento que precisei de algo mais fácil e acabei por ler isto. Só li os capítulos sobre fenómenos internacionais porque queria ter algo fácil: Knight Rider, Lionel Ritchie, Mullets, V, Casettes… Coisas que velhos tal como eu lembram com ternura e vocês jovens, bebés sem cultura nenhuma nunca irão entender.

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A Mochila Mágica

Acabo de enfiar a mão dentro da minha mochila, e logo que os dedos tocaram o fundo, fui transportado para outro lugar e outro tempo, mais especificamente para o Algarve em Julho de 2018. Por quê? Ora bem, a resposta não tem nada a ver, sinceramente, com mágica. Senti pedrinhas de areia, e isso fez-me lembrar os dias de sol e diversão. Podia sacudir a mochila para tirar a areia mas não quero perder aqueles momentinhos agridoces que surgem de vez em quando.

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Podcast Latest

I tend to update every so often about the state of Portuguese language podcasts. Currently, Practice Portuguese seems to have entered another lull. Their podcasts are very infrequent and I have cancelled my subs because I don’t use the website much and it felt like I had given them enough money, but I might start it again if they seem to be doing more things I can use.


Meanwhile, my current favourite, Portuguese with Carla has followed their example by using a subscription model. They’re going to start releasing shorter podcasts for the general public and the full thing only for Carla’s own personal students. Since her time is limited and she charges pretty high-end rates, I can’t imagine there will be many of those, so it’ll be a pretty limited listenership, I should think. The first series, with 50 episodes, is still available though and still well worth a listen, especially for newbies, since it is very slow and very gentle but doesn’t lack depth! I think they are expanding in other areas too, and they even have a range of t-shirts with portuguese phrases on them*.

Say it in Portuguese is still knocking out the occasinal episode but is fairly dormant and Portuguese Lab Podcast seems to be chugging along, although I must admit I haven’t really got to grips with it yet.


*Speaking of t-shirts, I am definitely having something off Cão Azul next birthday…