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The Cats of the Louvre

Já leram uma manga*? Está palavra significa Banda Desenhada em japonês. Acabo de ler uma chamada Os Gatos do Museu do Louvre. Os desenhos típicos deste género de livro cabem bem num pano de fundo de desenhos mais realistas do museu e dos seus arredores.

* I’ve been spelling it “mangá” up to now, but apparently that is Brazilian. Aside from this meaning of the word, manga can also mean “sleeve”, “mango” or “a crowd of people”. Confusing. For further whining about words with double meanings, see the footnotes of this text.

The Cats of the Louvre

I don’t often review books in English here, but if you’re interested, it’s called The Cats of The Louvre. Thanks to Butt_Roidholds for the corrections.


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