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Booktube Roundup

I have a few portuguese youtube channels about books that I watch on a more-or-less regular basis these days: AOutraMafalda, CreepySantos, TiagosWorld, CatInTheNet and the newest, BooksAndBeers. As I mentioned before, listening to videos and podcasts about a subject you’re interested in is usually more engaging than listening to boring aural comprehension exercises or news programmes or whatever, and I often hear about interesting-sounding books, which is a bonus.

Recently, a couple of them have suggested a tag about endorsing Bandas Desenhadas (comics, graphic novels) and since I haven’t done much speaking lately I thought I’d join in. The result is below. It’s pretty horrible. I had a good feeling about it to start with and thought I’d be pretty fluent but in the end it’s about 50% composed of me going “ummmm… ahhhhh…..” and looking at the cieling. When I do speak, I use the wrong tense, the wrong verb, mismatched adjectives… ugh! It’s a right old mess. I’m going to do more of these though precisely because I am so shit at it.


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