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Amar Pelos Dois

Remember Luísa Sobral who used the Lingua dos Pês in one of her songs? Well her brother, Salvador Sobral, a big gangling, ungainly dude with the voice of an unkempt angel, seems to have been picked to be Portugal’s entry in the Festival Eurovisão de Canção this year with a song she wrote. It’s a pretty good song, and I’ve heard a couple of people expressing excitement about Portugal’s chances this year as a result. In live acoustic performances on TV he’s been accompanied by Luísa on the guitar and in a couple of instances (like the one below) he actually breaks out into a trumpet solo. But…  he doesn’t have a trumpet, he’s just doing it with his mouth. How much confidence do you need to do a mouth trumpet solo during a live broadcast of a serious love song? Lots, that’s how much. Anyway, it’s the best bit and he should definitely do it in the Eurovision final! 


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