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Quem vende a liberdade em troca de segurança não merece nem liberdade nem segurança
Ben Franklin

I wrote this o iTalki after a (to me) somewhat surprising exchange with a Portuguese teacher who told me that Salazar was pretty good, rightfully still popular (for example….) and that if he were still in charge, everyone would be better off. Furthermore, the captains who deposed him in the Revolução Dos Cravos should have been locked up.

Discussing this opinion with other portuguese people, one said it was commonly held among less educated people (like voting Trump, like supporting Brexit…) and another said “replies “OMG a juventude de Portugal está perdida”


*=I originally wrote “cotação” which does mean “quotation” but in the sense of an estimated cost.


Muito Obrigado a Sofia, Natan, William pela ajuda


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