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A Double Century and a New Podcast

Apparently that last post was the 200th on this blog. I can hardly believe it! My other blog only has about 5 posts on it!

sbroing-e-legendaOK, so news: I came across a podcast recently called sbroing which has – among other things – an audio recording of O Principezinho, one of the books I read during last year’s maratona de leitura. When I first found it, I was disappointed to find that the first couple of episodes had expired from iTunes and were no longer available but more recently I have found their website,  where the complete set of chapters is preserved in the archive. Excitement! So I have downloaded the whole thing to listen to later, plus a few of their other episodes. If you like audiobooks too, you should definitely check it out!

I have no idea how “sbroing” is pronounced in portuguese. It’s one of those words – like “wook” that don’t seem like arrangements of letters that would happen in Portuguese but there they are anyway.


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