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Back From the Dead with an Empty Head

I feel like I’ve managed the post-exam slump better than last time and I haven’t lost any knowledge, but I have got a little rusty and I need to get back up to speed. I have been especially lazy over Christmas, not really studying much and instead devoting my free time to drinking too much and eating too many mince pies, which hasn’t done much for my fluency or for my waistline. Well, now I’m back on track! I’ve booked two lessons a week, upped my podcast intake and started reading daily. I’ve also made a new friend, a portuguese student who is planning to study in the UK, so I’ve been helping her with English conversation while she helps me with my Portuguese. I need to get back into running again, too, I think. It’s a bit cold for solo rowing and I need something to give me a sense of forward motion. I know I’m probably sounding a bit… I dunno, like some smug lifestyle blogger, but I definitely find that if I am getting some physical exercise it’s easy to just use that wave of energy to throw myself into some study, whereas if I am just at home, working and farting about it’s easy to just stay in that rut.

Blah blah blah… OK, I’m waffling. better get back to work!


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