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Resources for Studying European Portuguese

Quite a lot has changed in the world of Portuguese learning in the last year or so, so I’ve updated all my resource pages, adding new audiobooks, graphic novels, podcasts and tricks I’ve come across in my language learning journey. If you’re new to the site, there are five of them and they are….

Portuguese Audiobooks

The Portuguese Audiobooks Page – where I have tried to list every source on the Interwebs for european portuguese audio books. It’s mostly paid of course, but there are a few free ones too if you’re on a budget. I love audiobooks and I couldn’t be happier to see how the number of available books has grown since the first edition of this page. We still have a long way to go before I’d say we’re spoiled for choice, but it’s a start!

Portuguese Language Hacks

The Language Hacking Page – The idea behind language hacking is to get out of a textbook mentality and into really using the language, so these aren’t study guides per se, just little things you can do to boost the background level of portuguese in your life. If you get it right, you can strengthen your grasp of what you’ve already learned, as well as absorbing a lot of useful vocabulary without feeling like you’re making a lot of effort.

Portuguese Learning Resources

The Online Learning Resources Page – where you’ll find everything I know about YouTube channels, websites, apps and virtual courses for new and not so-new learners. I’ve made quite a lot of edits here – dropped a youtube channel that no longer exists, as well as adding in a couple of new ones. Quite a lot has changed in teh world of apps too.

Portuguese Graphic Novels

The Portuguese Graphic Novels Page – where you’ll find (yes, you guessed it!) a whole load of comics and graphic novels I’ve read in portuguese. I’m a huge fan of these and think they’re a brilliant way of getting into reading in portuguese, simply because the illustrations give you enough context that you can often suss out the meaning of unfamiliar words without having to constantly refer to the dictionary.

Portuguese Study Guides

The Portuguese Study Guides Page – where I’ve listed and rated all the exercise books and textbooks I’ve used over the years. Some are old, some new, some basic, some advanced, and I’ve included my favourite audio course too.


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