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Estou a Gostar Deste Livro

This is a pretty simple text I wrote the other day Poyoduhmerduh corrected it (thanks!) and suggested a title change. I had originally written it as “Estou a Curtir Este Livro”, trying to use curtir, meaning “enjoy”, as in the lyrics of Sol da Caparica, but although this way of talking has been part of yoof slang in the past, its not really common now in Portugal. Its more of a Brazilian thing.

João Tordo - O Ano Sabático

Estou a ler “O Ano Sabático” de João Tordo (o livro do qual tirei a citação de ontem). É muito bom. Demorei muito tempo antes de ficar entusiasmado mas agora que estou agarrado, estou muito ansioso para averiguar* o que está a acontecer!

*Bit of a formal word this but I wanted to use it to make it stick in my head. It’s as if I’d written “ascertain” instead of “find out”.


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