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A view of Coimbra

Penso passar uma semana em Coimbra. Há um festival de corrida em Agosto e apetece-me participar e depois passar uma semana a trabalhar, isolado num hotel sem distrações*. Será uma boa oportunidade de conhecer Coimbra sem fazer umas segundas férias** (já planeamos passar uns dias em França). Não sei precisamente quando mas vou fazer o meu plano em breve.

* You don’t say “without distraction” – it’s plural. I guess in English we focus on distraction as a mental state of being unable to work because of a chaotic environment, whereas in Português the emphasis is on the individual events causing that state of mind…?

**Férias is plural so by estension “a second holiday” is also plural.

I still haven’t definitely decided to go. In a plot twist, my daughter says she’d quite like to come along too. She has an EPQ project to work on, so we can have an intensive study week with relaxed, touristy evenings, I guess. That should be a fun experiment. I’ve never done this sort of thing before.


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