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Have I Mentioned How Much I Like Comics?

I think I’ve banged on about comics a few times, mainly in the page I wrote about the best Portuguese graphic novels.

Just to show it’s not just me though, I can testify that my daughter, who has just started A Level French, and is a big fan of the Walking Dead video game series, has been getting just as much out of the French version of the Walking Dead graphic novel series as I got out of the Portuguese ones. She’s only a couple of volumes deep but she’s already better able to unravel complicated sentences, recognise new vocabulary that has come up before, and read out loud. I’ve been nagging her for ages to try the Astérix books but they’re not something that appeals to her and I’m glad she’s found her way to a series that suits her.


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2 thoughts on “Have I Mentioned How Much I Like Comics?

  1. Hi Colin
    I downloaded a free sample on iBooks, but it was Brazilian Portuguese. However it looked really good so i will try and buy a European Portuguese version of #1 when I go to the Algarve next week (the postage to buy one copy from a bookshop in Portugal seems quite expensive) so I am hoping I can find a bookshop in Lagos that will sell it. Thanks for your advice on graphic novels.


    1. Yeah, there’s a really noticeable difference between the two variants. Good point though: the Portuguese translations only cover the first… I think 15 volumes… so if you’re a completist it could get a little frustrating after a while as you’d have to switch to either Brazilian or English from then on!
      True about the price of postage too. I tend to make a list of all the books I want and order about ten things at once to average it out.
      Have fun in Lagos, and i hope you enjoy the book!


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