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I’ve just updated the Textbook page of the blog with a new set of books I’ve heard about.

Susana Morais is the creator of the Portuguese Lab Podcast and Academy and she’s written a couple of story books aimed at portuguese learners: A Casa Na Bosque for intermediate learners (B2) and A Baú das Coisas Perdidas for beginners (A2). They each come with an audio version read by the author and some questions at the end to test your comprehension. I have the B2 version and have listened to the first few minutes. It looks like a really useful addition to the ever-growing list of resources for learners.

Looking out at the landscape today, compared to when I started, when it was pretty much just the Practice Portuguese podcast – and even that was pretty shonky in the early days – there’s really quite a lot of good stuff out there for anyone wanting to ;earn european portuguese.

Anyway, the links above go to the Kobo versions, which is what I’m using, since it allows me to listen to the audio and read all on one device, but you can get a printed version or several other ebook options via her website Storyglot.


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3 thoughts on “Storyglot

  1. Thank you Colin, your posts are really helpful. Just finished my A2 course and now preparing for CIPLE but in reality I have probably been B1 for a while. Having a couple of lovely language exchange partners has really accelerated my learning. Anyhow enough about me. Thank you for your constant inspiration to learn more and all the useful stuff you post so regularly.

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    1. Thanks Debbi, I’m glad you find it helpful. 😊 Well done for getting through the A2. Good language partners are like gold so I’m sure they were a huge help. Onwards and upwards. Next stop, fluency!


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