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Turn On, Tune In, Learn Stuff

I’ve been in a kind of limbo lately, simulatenously working too hard and feeling like I’m not getting anything done. Restarting this blog properly seems like a good way to get things moving a bit on the portuguese front at least. Here are a few updates on stuff that’s happening in my… lusosphere at the moment anyway

Podcasts and Videos

There are quite a few new podcasts and Youtube channels that have started up since the lockdown as teachers who used to do 1:1 lessons have had to find new ways to make money. Here are a couple I know about, but I’m sure you can find others if you dig around. These are all for beginners, so probably not much help if you have been learning for a while.

Mia’s Portuguese Podcast


Simpleton Portuguese (I find the branding on this one a bit naff but the first video I clicked on started with the guy saying “Even if you live in an anarcho-syndicalist commune where the concept of property has been made obsolete, you will eventually have to deal with possessives” and that’s a winning start to a video right there!)


So the big news is that Netflix has commissioned its first original series in European Portuguese. It’s a cold-war thriller called Gloria. Liz from Talk the Streets has done a couple of videos about watching TV in portuguese and one of the things she recommended was a Nteflix plugin called Language Learning with Netflix, which is quite useful if you want to have bilingual subtitles with your shows. I’ve been playing with it and it’s pretty good so I second her recommendation!


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