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Lizard, Lizard, Lizard

youre-a-lizard-harry-36247804One of the exercises in “A Actualidade em Português” is about superstitions and there are five that are similar to “knock on wood” or similar – phrases for warding off the effects of bad luck. By far the coolest is “Lagarto, Lagarto, Lagarto” (Lizard, Lizard, Lizard). I have no idea why that means what it means. Ciberdúvidas isn’t much help and neither is Andreia Vale’s “Puxar a Brasa à Nossa Sardinha”. Even m’wife didn’t know, only guessed that maybe it was because witches use lizards in their spells.

Anyway, while I was researching it, I came across this freaky advert for an art show which uses an old song from the 70s by Banda do Casaco called “A Ladainhas Das Comadres” which includes the phrase. Confusingly the first line is in latin (the portuguese equivalent would be “Afasta-te, Satanás” or “Vai para trás, Satanás”)

Vade retro Satanás [get thee behind me Satan – Latin]

T’arrenego Belzebu [I abjure you, Beelzebub]

A Jesus Cruzes Canhoto [To Jesus, crosses left-handed]

Lagarto, Lagarto, Lagarto! [Lizard, Lizard, Lizard!]

That “Crosses left-handed” is a similar phrase used to ward off evil, sometimes extended to “Cruzes, canhoto! Longe vá o agouro!”

Similar phrases include

  • Isola
  • Diabo seja cego, surdo e mudo
  • Vira para lá essa boca
  • Salvo seja



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