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In Da Club

Looking at Anglo-Lusitanian clubs and societies in London to see if there are any that might be worth joining. There’s a complete list here of all clubs for lusophones in the UK, but I’m going to list the ones that are most interesting for general interest (ie, not just football of cod-admiration) in London and that don’t look defunct (e.g., if their websites only have events in the past I’m not botherin’.

Anglo-Portuguese Society – events and speeches. Quite posh. £49 to join

Academia do Bacalhau – seems to be inactive judging by how out of date its events are but you need to click on the link to see their amazing logo

Grupo Típico Português – It’s a bit full-on for me but might be of interest to some

Portuguese Chamber of Commerce – Networking for business people

Little Portugal – Not really a club as such but an interesting little project about Portuguese people in London.


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