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Well That Was Painless

Well the job interview went OK I think. She suggested we just do half portuguese (I didn’t time it – but suspect substantially less than half actually…) and it’s just a preliminary interview so no job offer but she has passed my details along to colleagues with access to the companiy’s external clients in the cities where they operate so they can decide whether my skills are a match for their needs. And again I declare not-being-laughed-out-of-the-room as a kind of moral victory!

The salary though, fam! I expected it to be much lower than UK, and especially UK consultant day rates of course, I’m not an idiot, but the monthly rate is substantially lower than I earn in a week doing the same job as a freelancer in the UK. Ouch. So it’ll need some thinking through, depending on other things like whether my wife gets a job and so on, but it’s looking like it might be a hard transition to make, even temporarily… I’d love to do it for a while, I’d luuuurrrve to, but…


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