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Tag | Divertida – Brace For More Videos!

Well, my campaign to be a famous youtuber with the multi-million euro sponsorship deal with Bertrand Livros is going pretty well. I had a go at a tag questionnaire the other day, and it was really good fun, and passed a boring afternoon in the hotel. Since I didn’t have any of the books I was slagging off in the room with me, I held up the one book I did have: “Europe in Autumn” by Dave Hutchinson and just acted as if it was a different book each time.

The thing I like about it is that it makes me prepare. In a normal conversation, I can speak with varying degrees of fluency, depending on how warmed-up I am, but I only say each thing once, and any mistakes I make hang there in the air like helium-filled turds. But in this setting, I prepare in advance, jot down some useful phrases and can take a couple of practice runs; I don’t read the notes out to camera, but I do have a rough roadmap in my head of where I’m going and what backalleys I’ll need to take to get there, so it’s a different kind of speaking, if you see what I mean. The fact that I seem now to have a small cluster of friends who are all very nice and share my interests in books is a huge bonus too, of course!


As usual, it takes me a while to get warmed up. The first couple of minutes are pretty painful but it gets better.

At one point I use the english word “Now” instead of “Agora”, which is unfortunate because it sounds like “não” and it completely reverses the meaning of the sentence.


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