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A Música

I’m just putting a list together of Portuguese music that I can listen to on Spotify and I have been looking at lyrics/translations of songs. There are still loads of tracks on my iPod that I can’t quite follow so I have to figure out what the words are. It’s a pretty good way of learning vocabulary. As usual, I am often quite surprised at the humour hiding in what sounds like a fairly straight-faced song. Like this one for example: I had no idea what they were saying, but once I saw the words on the screen this whole world of content poured out of it and now I can enjoy it on a whole other level.


The list is here, by the way. It has a couple of non-European accents – Os Mutantes (Brasil) and Cesaria Évora (Cabo Verde) but apart from that it’s sound.

I think I’m something of a freak for not liking DAMA since everyone asks me if I do. They must be like the Portuguese Coldplay or something – one of those bands that seem to be inexplicably popular despite their overpowering blandness. I only like one song and that has a Brazilian rapper on it so I can’t listen to that either.


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