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This Week In Teaching

Some news about learning resources I have endorsed on here and some new ones I haven’t:

If you’ve tried the podcast “Practice Portuguese” but didn’t get into it, now might be a time to have another look. Joel is now on it full-time and quit his day-job, so there are longer episodes with a lot more explanation and new features coming out.

Say It in Portuguese has been unavailable to download for a while now but they are expecting to be back online in a few days, so it’s worth checking iTunes if you haven’t already.

A couple of teachers I know have new websites: a good friend of mine, Joana, has started teaching Portuguese face-to-face along with various other things she does, so if you live in West London and are looking for someone to help you sort out your linguistic problems – or even if you know a criança who needs a professora for some out-of-school tuition, you might want to have a look at her site, The Kew Tutor. If you don’t live in West London, Ana, a very reliable and professional iTalki tutor I have been working with on spoken portuguese has a brand new blog which you can find here.


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4 thoughts on “This Week In Teaching

      1. I’ve been dithering over this for ages (whether to subscribe or not). If they regularly put one out every week, then I would. Their output has just been too sporadic in the past, I feel.

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      2. True, although by the time I joined there was a big backlog and I could spend time using my Pro status to get the benefits from the older episodes. We’ll see what difference it makes now that Joel has more free time to put things together.

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