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Don’t Overthink It

Here’s a question that came up the other day: what’s up with the word “sobrepensar”? Or as I asked reddit:

Se não me engano, li esta palavra num contexto que deu para entender “pensar demais” (igual a “overthink” em inglês), mas isso não é o significado pois não? Quer dizer “pensar bem”.

Infelizmente não me lembro a fonte mas… Existe este significado da palavra (calão? Uma modernice?) ou será que entendi mal o que li?

It seems not to be slang, but sobrepensar has two meanings. One (the most common?) is exactly what it looks like: ‘overthink’, but it can also mean to really think about something well. This seems a tiny bit confusing since there must be situations where its hard to tell whether the person you’re describing is really thinking clearly or going into an unhelpful spiral of unhinged thoughts.


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