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Very proud of this…

Got it in 3!

This is a good example of the way Portuguese words are easier to guess than English ones because it’s a much more “lawful” language that isn’t quite so promiscuous at absorbing foreign words and isn’t as cavalier about spellings.

OK, so given that any portuguese word is going to have at least two vowels in it, and the game doesn’t seem to allow slang, plurals or (m)any verb conjugations, let’s crack on:

In the first row, we find out there’s no A or O

In the second row, I’m using Es and Is and one of the letters is in the right position. It has to be one of the vowels, because if not then there’s no E, I, A or O in it, which means our two vowels must both be Us and I don’t see that as likely… Maybe there’s a portuguese word that would fit, but I can’t think of one.

OK, so it’s either

  • _E___ with a U at position 4 (where else could it go?) seems unlikely.
  • __I__ with a U… Er… Somewhere… And I think that’s unlikely too
  • ____E with a U in positions 2 or 3. Surely the only likely option.

Since I’ve already used a lot of consonants, there aren’t many options left. Has to be duche, right? Right.


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