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Musing about tomatoes and the lack thereof. This was my hundredth text in the streak and I was called out for missing a pun on Cem: Tomates / Sem Tomates. So true, i should have seen that! Thanks to Dani and Ratazana Fofinha for the corrections am the pun.


Os tomates nos supermercados ingleses estão a escassear. Ao que parece isto deve-se ao tempo adverso* na Europa e África do Norte e aos preços elevados dos combustíveis. Às vezes estas faltas de comida ou bens resultam de problemas auto-infligidos. Ou seja, do Brexit, mas neste caso teria acontecido de qualquer modo.

(and then the following day)

Tenho 24 sementes de tomate a germinar na minha estufa. Espero que as plantas se despachem porque quero vender os tomates e ficar rico.

*I put tempos adversos, thinking of various types of bad weather at various times in various places but it needs to be singular for weather. Tempos would make it sound like times.


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