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Updates – Portuguese Graphic Novels and Audiobooks

The Walking Dead Part 6 Esta Triste Vida - Kirkman

I’ve just updated the Graphic Novel and Audiobook Lists with new discoveries in the last few months.

There are only a couple of new additions in the Audiobook page, mainly some new José Milhazes books on Kobo. I’ve read quite a lot of new Bandas Desenhadas though, so the graphic novels page has got about 50% longer, including “Finalmente o Verao”, which I finished today and will probably be reviewing tomorrow, plus a few others I read and reviewed earlier in the year, like Pardalita, Amor de Perdição and Quarentugas.

Remember, the list is sorted in order of how much I like them so you can ave time by starting at the top and stopping when you have reached your threshold if things that don’t seem worth bothering with.

If you’re new to the site, I have five lists: aside from these two, there are some lists with online learning resources, textbooks and language hacks, all of which get updated from time to time. You can access from the menu on the right there (or the bottom if you’re looking at this on a smartphone) but I’ll pin this post for a while to make them easier to find.


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