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Counter Strike

Hm, I don’t know if this TikTok is going to show up on WordPress but I’ve been enjoying trying to decipher this video as some extreme listening practice.

On first listen I could only get about 6 words and even now, after showing it to my wife I’m still not able to pick out everything. Being told they were talking about “CS” (Counterstrike, I assume) helped. Something like

Pra vocês que (…) joga o CS (…) caralho, tá aqui o meu tropa Fernando. Fernando, quantos anos já tens?


E qual é o teu rank do CS?

Dragon Lord

Ah pois é puto

Or in English

For all of you who (play fucking counter strike) I have my team-mate Fernando here. Fernando, how old are you?


And what rank are you in Counterstrike?

Dragon Lord

Yeah, man!


Just a data nerd

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