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The Quix and the Dead

Reading a book this morning I came across an example of a word in the wild that I had never seen before

Quixitesco/a – meaning Quixotic. I believe the correct pronunciation is “key shot-esco”, based on hearing Booktubers pronounce the name Don Quixote and the only pronunciation quide I can find backs that up, although it’s Brazilian so there’s still a small shadow of doubt, but I’m fairly confident.

Anyway, it’s not exactly uncommon for me to spot new words in the wild, but I enjoyed this one so I thought I’d share!

By the way, the book is “O Vício Dos Livros” (addiction to books) by Afonso Cruz, one of my favourite Portuguese writers. His work is incredibly diverse, covering everything from children’s books to massive chunky tomes, but this one is very compact, neatly illustrated with short, digestible texts. The grammar is not too taxing, thank god, but the vocabulary is a bit harder so it’s a decent stretch read for a B1 or B2 student who doesn’t mind checking the dictionary from time to time. It’s also new, and very popular at the moment, showing up all over Portuguese bookstagram, and I am always, always on trend. 😉


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