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Male And Female He Created Them

Portuguese words with very different meaning according to their gender

o rádio – a radio / a rádio – a radio station

o capital – capital, funds / a capital – the capital city

o caso – the case /  a casa – the house

o cargo – someone’s role or responsibility / a carga – cargo

o grama – gramme / a grama – creeping plants such as grass

o caixa – cash book / a caixa – box (caixa can also be a cashier, male or female)

o luto – grief / a luta – fight

o queixo – chin, jaw / a queixa – complaint

o polícia – police officer / a polícia – policy

o bolo – cake / a bola – ball

o carteiro – postman / a carteira – wallet

o cabeço – headland / a cabeça – head

o puto – a kid / a puta – a whore


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