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Tradução – The Skin that’s on Me

I had a go at translating the song I mentioned the other day. It’s very hard to translate, even if you know the words because it’s written in quite a poetic, allusive way, so I hope it’s not too awful…

When the day was ending
And your body touched
A part of mine
A dance awakened
And the sun appeared,
became enormous
And in an instant wiped out
The calm of the sky

And the calm that was waiting inside me
The desire unaccounted following the end
Was in a look it gave you
And your singing changed
And your body on mine
A braid caught
And the blood cooled
And my foot touched the earth
My voice whispered
My dream died

Give me the sea, my river, my path.
Give me the empty bedroom of my house
I’ll leave you in the snare of your talk
About the skin that’s on me
You don’t know anything

When the love ended
And my body forgot
The road it was going on
In the depths of yours
And the moon went out
And the night fell silent
The cold depth of the sky
Came down and stayed.

But the pain no longer lives in me
It’s passed, I used it up
Beyond the end
It’s time to go
It’s the price of love
To go back to living
I dont feel the taste,
The sweat, the dread
Of the heat of your embrace
Of your blood blooming
I don’t want to know

Give me the sea, my river, my road
My empty boat in the morning
I’ll leave you in the cold of your speech
In the shock fall of the voice
When the talking finally stops


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