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It’s Not An Eric Clapton Song

Favourite word of the day: “Leiloeiro” – auctioneer. It came up with my Brazilian language partner when we were discussing that Banksy stunt at the auction (o leilão). As it turns out, Shredded is a very difficult word to say if you’re Brazilian.

It was a welcome relief from politics. We’d just done Brexit (during which he discovered that we British have over 300 was of saying “completely buggered”) and Bolsonaro (he’s a fan, gawdelpus)

Anyway, for a bit of light relief – I did a consoante perdido on twitter today so here it is:

Faustus, you have dominion over all powers and cities of the world. Fair Helen of Troy is your wife. The time has come to fulfill your sacred obligation: help me create an aquatic bird.

OK, sure, I’ll make a [pato=duck/pacto=pact] with the devil.

Not sure how well it works. I was a bit worried the spelling of pacto would have changed due to the AO, meaning they’d be um… Homonyms… Do I mean Homonyms? I think I do. Luckily the Brazilians seem to have see sense this time.


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