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Tense, Nervous Headache

I had a but if a shock today when I saw a weird verb conjugation in a book I was reading (“Pessoas que Usam Bonés-com-Helices” which I recommend as a funny, short, cheap read!). It’s the word “tremei” in the final bubble here:

I asked Mrs L what it was and she said it was the “imperious” tense, which sounds a bit Slytherin to me, but never mind. Then I came across two more examples in my other book, “Para Onde Vão Os Guard-Chuvas” in a chapter narrated by the angel of death. I was thinking “God, not another tense! And this one apparently waits three years and then mugs me three times in one day!”. However, apparently that’s not what it is – it’s just the imperative, and the reason I didn’t recognise the ending was because it was the vós part of the verb, which hardly ever comes up in normal life.



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