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Another Crap Joke

I’m ridiculously proud of this even though I know it doesn’t really work. It’s from a twitter game called #nowReading where my friends and I try to make books with authors whose names seem appropriate. The only rule is you have to use real names, not just make up some silly surname. So you could do “Omar Salgado” but not “Anne Dorinhasemvoo” for example. I did one that got RTed at Neil Gaiman and I decided to follow it up with one based on his wife, and do the whole thing in Portuguese.

First of all, the title of the book is “What do you suggest I should buy for my wife who likes banana trees?” The author is Amanda Palmer or “A manda palma” which sort-of means “Send her a palm tree”.

Except it doesn’t. The grammar of “a manda” doesn’t really work – I think it should be “manda-lhe”. “Palma” needs and indefinite article, but even then, it doesn’t mean that kind of palm, it means the palm of a hand. So it should really be something like “manda-lhe uma palmeira”, but I don’t care, it makesme chuckle and that’s all I care about!


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