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O Tyler Joseph E Eu

I wrote a narrative version of our adventures at Reading Festival on iTalki because it seemed to have more potential than just the bitty account I published yesterday. My daughter wanted an English version so I’m going to do alternate sentences, Portuguese, English, Portuguese, English.

Hi lovely. I hope you like it. It’s quite hard to be funny and interesting in a language I don’t speak well, but I tried!

So here we go…


One of these people is old enough to know better

Fomos ontem a um festival de musica.

Yesterday we went to a music festival

Tweetei “ao vivo” durante o dia inteiro em Português para praticar.

I tweeted live in portuguese all day for practice

O festival se chama Reading Festival porque fica numa cidade que se chama Reading, mas “Reading” significa “a ler” ou “leitura” e por isso usei o hashtag #festivalDaLeitura apesar do facto de que não tem nada a ver com livros.

The festival is called Reading Festival because it’s in a town called Reading, but “Reading” is the English equivalent of the portuguese words “lendo” or “leitura” (Portuguese words for reading!) so I used the hashtag #festivalDaLeitura even though it has nothing to do with books!

A minha esposa ficou confusa por isso.

My wife was confused by that

Porque é que um homem de 47 anos foi a uma festival para jovens de quinze a vinte-e cinco anos?

So why is it that a 47-year old man went to a festival for 15 to 25-year-old youngsters?

Fui com a minha filha.

Well, I went with my daughter

Ela tem onze anos – mais nova do que a média da idade duma pessoa no festival, mas é uma fã da banda Twentyøne Piløts (vinte-e-um piløtøs).

She is eleven – younger than the average age of someone at the festival but she is a fan of the band Twentyøne Piløts

Esta banda estava programada para às vinte-e-um menos dez.

This band was scheduled to play at 8.50PM

Conduzimos até ao festival na manhã e passamos o dia a explorar a arena.

We drove to the festival in the morning and spent the day exploring the arena

O Sol brilhava e o dia estava quente.

The sun shone and the day was warm.

Ouvimos várias bandas novas: Creeper, Lower Than Atlantis, Citizen, Neighbourhood, Dinosaur Pile-up.

We saw some new bands: Creeper, Lower Than Atlantis, Citizen, Neighbourhood, Dinosaur Pile-up

A experiência foi muito divertida.

The experience was really fun

Quando o relógio aproximou-se da hora de jantar, fomos para a tenda do NME onde os 21 Pilots iam tocar.

When the clock was nearing dinner time, we went to the NME tent where 21 Pilots were going to play

Chegamos muito cedo para tentar encontrar um bom sítio para ver o palco.

We arrived very early to try and find a good place to see the stage

Foi difícil, porque existiam muitos idiotas altos que empurraram em frente de nós, mas no afinal achamos um lugar perfeito.

It was difficult because there were a lot of tall idiots who pushed in front of us but finally we found the perfect place.

O Tyler Joseph está lá dentro!

Sabes os Twentyøne Piløts?

Do you know Twentyøne Piløts (Yes, I know my one English reader does!)

São bué fixe!

They’re so cool!

Quando chegaram ao palco todas as fãs gritaram e fizeram um grande barulho.

When they arrived on stage all the fans screamed and made a big noise

A música começou e dançamos, saltamos, e cantamos muito fortemente.

The music started and we danced and jumped and sang really loudly

Eles tocaram as músicas mais conhecidas, e enquanto que tocaram, fizeram muitas acrobacias loucas.

They played their best-known songs and while they were playing they did loads of crazy stunts (I don’t know how to say “hamster-ball” in Portuguese)

Depois do concerto, regressamos a casa.

After the concert we went home.

Ouvimos mais tarde que durante uma acrobacia o cantador, o Tyler Joseph, foi vitima dum assalto, mas achamos que a historia foi exagerada.

We heard later that during one of the stunts, the singer, Tyler Joseph had been the victim of an assault but we think the story was exaggerated

Caiu sobre um grupo de fãs, perdeu um sapato e a sua t-shirt. foi rasgada.

He fell on top of a group of fans, lost a shoe and his t-shirt was ripped (I don’t know how to say “ski mask” in Portuguese)

Alguns fãs ficaram bêbados mas não havia uma atmosfera nada má.

Some fans were drunk but there wasn’t a bad atmosphere.

America Reacts

Actually, that last sentence understates it – the atmosphere was amazing and the weird backlash from fans online has been a bit surreal to watch. I had someone ALLCAPS ME because I had been near the moshpit so he thought I was one of the villains who had done the deed.

Anyway, that’s my story. If two blog posts weren’t enough and you want to know more about these smol beans there’s another eyewitness account of the crime here written by my daughter, who has employed much higher journalistic standards in her account and is able to supply far more detail.


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