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Get on the Membus

Hi all,

And hi, especially, if you’ve arrived via the Practice Portuguese Facebook page  where Joel kindly endorsed this blog the other day. I hope you find some of my burblings useful. Do say hello, won’t you? I’d love to hear from other travellers on the road to lusophone fluency!

I’ve been in a break since the exam and I’ll probably keep a low profile for a few more days while I finish some projects and read some books about the EU Referendum which is coming up in a few days. Then it’s back to the books!

In the meantime, I’ve been keeping myself ticking over with some podcasts,  youtube videos and what-not. The thing I’m most excited about is the Membus Tour. Have you hear of it? There’s a group of people travelling  around Europe in a bus recording native speakers saying words and phrases. I think the idea is to make this a part of the Memrise app so that paid subscribers can get a more immersive experience. They’re currently in Portugal and they keep popping up in my instagram feed and stoking my enthusiasm.
More about Membus


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3 thoughts on “Get on the Membus

  1. Hi Colin, I found your blog via Joel’s post and am checking out some of the resources you recommended in previous posts, so thanks for that. Am perpetually stuck at the B1 level and desperate to move forward… it’s so hard to find EP materials for intermediate learners!

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    1. Hi LadyOfTheCakes. I’m glad you found something helpful in there because, yes, I agree with you, trying to find good EP stuff in an ocean of Brazilian media is very tricky indeed. I like your blog too. I’ve never been to Lisboa but your pictures of it are beautiful!

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      1. Thank you! Lisboa is very photogenic -and the food is great 🙂 Desperate to get back there, but unlikely to happen before the autumn now. But I’ll be hunting EP resources all the same!

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