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Practice Portuguese (Again)

I mentioned a while ago that Rui and Joel’s European Portuguese podcast, Practice Portuguese was still a thing and that I was going to sign up for a paid subscription. Well, I’ve been finding it very helpful. I already had all the podcasts on my ipod, of course, but I find it hard, sometimes, to follow everything that’s being said. Being a pro member gives you access to subtitled video versions, with a complete transcription, key vocabulary, and a quiz at the end. Well, there’s a section on the DEPLE exam that involves listening and answering questions, and I’m nervous about it, so this is enormously helpful for me, and I am working my way through them. Once you’ve looked at the video features for an episode, listening again to the audio is a lot clearer and I find my level of understanding goes up a notch the next time I listen to it on the iPod at the gym or while wrestling a filha’s stick insects.

You can try out the subscription service by going to the subs page on their site and scrolling down. No, further than that.Ignore the video of Rui talking to his Avó. Go about half way down. The video is called Diálogo 10 – Encomendar uma Pizza. That. Try that.



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