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Maybe it’s because I’m writing early in the morning, or maybe just because of the high-falutin’ tone of this writing but I suspect this text is even more error-prone than my usual, and since it’s in reply to someone else’s text it probably won’t get corrected. I quite liked it though because it used a lot of very unfamiliar words, so I’m transferring it here.

Parabéns! Claro que vivendo aqui melhorou as tuas habilidades em inglês. Com certeza, concordei contigo sobre os preços de imóveis no capital. É um problema serio para o eleição do prefeito do Londres em poucas semanas. Se tivesses escolhido uma cidade mais pequena, estaria mais barato, mas já não posso imaginar viver em qualquer outro lugar. Vai se sentir mais em casa depois dum tempo. Londres é uma cidade mais cosmopolita e muito etnicamente diverso agora, com gentes de tudo o mundo (no meu caso, apenas do norte da Inglaterra!) e por isso, em muitos maneiras, há muitos de nós que sintamo-nos estrangeiros, mas depois do tempo, este sentimento comum nos une a todos.

Which I hope means something like…

Well done! Living here has obviously done wonders for your language skills. I definitely agree with you about the price of property in the capital. It is a serious issue for the mayoral election in a few weeks. If you had chosen a smaller town it would have been a lot cheaper, but I can’t imagine living anywhere but here now. You’ll start to feel more at home after a while. London is a very cosmopolitan, ethnically diverse city now, with people from all over the world (in my case, only from the North of England!), so in a sense, there are a lot of us who feel like visitors, but after a while, that shared sense brings us all together.

It’s an answer to a Brazilian’s description of the moving to London.


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