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Tuga Yoga

No it isn’t a Massive Attack song, or a river in Cleveland, it’s a follow-up to my last post about yoga/ioga (both spellings seem to be used). Big thanks to Paul who replied directly. I asked some folks on reddit too and these seem to be the available options:

  • RTP Play’s #fitemcasa was Paul’s suggestion and I don’t know why I didn’t think of looking at this sooner, honestly! The sound quality isn’t as good as you’d expect from a national broadcaster, but I guess it was made in the early days of the acovolypse so it’s probably not that surprising that they hadn’t got their act together yet.
  • LiDL (yes, remember them?) have a few yoga workouts in their lockdown workout section, led by Filippa Barros, who I believe is a basketball player.

But those seem to be about the only free ones. Of course, a lot of instructors who used to do only in-person gym classes are now doing online classes, so if you don’t mind paying you could also try

The brazilian instructor I mentioned was a bit disappointing, I’m afraid. Hardly any effort. I felt like I’d barely got started when it ended.

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Como Fazer Flexões de Braços

Começa na posição prona, com os pés juntos e com todo o teu peso no peito.

Coloca os mãos no chão, tão distantes* quanto for confortável (se estiverem mais distantes uma da outra, os músculos do peito terão de trabalhar mais, se estiverem mais perto**, os triceps braquiais irão retirar mais do treino)

Estende os braços devagar de modo a que*** o peito fique erguido do chão, até os cotovelos ficarem direitos. Mantém os abdominais contraídos**** e a coluna vertebral neutra.

Abaixa o corpo de novo para o chão.

Descansa. Já sofreste o suficiente. Precisas é***** de um café e da empatia da tua família.

*=Interesting one this. I made this singular and thought of “distant” as applying to the situation as a whole, but of course there are two feet so the adjective has to change too. Odd how little differences in the language make you imagine a situation slightly differently. I read a book a couple of years back called “The Language Hoax” by John McWhorter that argued against the idea that different languages shaped the way we see the world and I think he makes a lot of good points and yet things like this seem like little crumbs of evidence to the contrary.

**=This one almost broke my brain, because although “distante” was changes to “distantes” in the previous sentence, “perto” stays as “perto” even though on the face of it, it’s describing the exact same arrangement of arms and legs. Why? Because perto is an adverb not an adjective. The word it is describing is “estiverem” not “braços”. I know, I know, Just go and make a cupof tea and meditate on it for a while, it’ll make sense after a while.

***I put “tal como” here. Such that the chest touches the floor, but it was changed to “In such a way that the chest touches the floor”.

**** I put “ligados” thinking that would do for “engaged” as in “keep your abs engaged” but no. Contracted.

***** I think this is my first successful attempts to insert one of these little emphatic “é”s into a sentence. Sadly I made a mistake in another part of teh sentence so it wasn’t a 100% success, but I’ll call it a small vitory!