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Why Those Two Things?


It’s not that unusual for words to have multiple meanings but I came across the word “caqui” today and its two meanings are (1) basically the same as “khaki” in English and (2) a persimmon. I guess I’d assume if a colour is also a fruit you’d expect it to be the colour of that fruit: orange, raspberry, lime green, etc. But caquis aren’t caqui, are they?

Having said that, Khaki is a pretty confusing colour in English too. It has a different pronunciation in Britain vs the US, so when I first heard my dad use it, he was looking for paint for some toy soldiers we were painting and he said he needed “car-key colour” so I wondered why he wanted to paint them silver. Years later, when I was living in Maryland, working with adults with learning disabilities, a psychologist said he was wearing “cacky pants” and I guessed what he meant but it didn’t stop me chuckling childishly.


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