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Ansiedade de Fim de Ano

Estamos perto do final do ano* e fico sempre com ansiedade para levar ao fim os meus projetos antes da passagem de ano. Todos os dias durante o pequeno almoço, revejo a minha lista de tarefas e escolho 4 ou 5 para completar. “Será que consigo cumprir estas obrinhas?” pergunto… E faço que sim, mas no meu coração sei que estou a sonhar porque não há 65 horas num dia.

*Bit of a treasure trove of article-related mishaps, this. I originally wrote the title as “Ansiedade do fim do ano” – Anxiety of THE end of THE year but it’s more correct to leave out the articles and write it this way which I guess is more like “year end anxiety”. Notice in the body of the text, in the first sentence, we have a couple of “do”s: “we are close to THE end of THE year” because we’re talking about this specific year, but later it’s back to de when we talk about “(a) passagem de ano”. Um… Why though? According to priberam, Passagem do ano is correct.

Apparently the answer is that I’m talking about the concept in general, because i have switched to talking about what happens every year. “Passagem de ano” is a set phrase like “Fim de semana”, and you only use the article if you’re talking about one specific new year. Got it? OK, so do I, I think. Oof. Complicated!


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