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I Didn’t Bloody Go!

Ages ago, I booked tickets to a show in London by Guilherme Duarte, and I was really excited because, y’know, how often do portuguese comedians play in London?

Anyway, as the day approached I realised that it fell right on the weekend my project was going live. My day job is helping local authorities to migrate their data to a new database platform, and there’s usually a period of 3 or 4 days around a weekend when all their systems get turned off and I, and a few other people, work frantically to move everything over in the time available. Being away from my laptop in the evening for 4 or 5 hours just wasn’t going to work, so I didn’t go.

The users are testing my work as I speak, but if anyone has a time machine could you lend it to me please, so I can go back to last night and go and see the show? Ah well, let’s hope he comes back, eh? In the meantime, we’ve got tickets to see Dulce Pontes on Wednesday. I’m more of a comedy fan than a music fan, but Dulce Pontes is amazing and I’m really excited for that.


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