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I’ve had to rethink my approach to learning, since I’ve got right out of my routine since the holiday in France. I’m not really writing regularly and all the habits I’d got into – tweeting in Portuguese, reading daily, watching films weekly, doing exercises – have fallen into disrepair. So I’ve set myself a more modest goal: back to the writing and do something else daily, but not feel like I have to do everything. Hopefully if I can get back into the groove of doing a daily task, I can ramp it up again. I’ve got all my study materials together and put them in a box next to the sofa so that I don’t have to get over the hurdle of finding them (thus removing a barrier to my motivation!) I’ll probably post less on here too.

Anyone else struggling with motivation?


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6 thoughts on “Regrouping

  1. Yes, all of this and more. Post CIPLE I was was struggling to get back on track and face my fraquezas. Mas, já me inscrevi para um novo curso de português para melhorar.

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  2. Hi Colin, I am also struggling with motivation and have got out of my habits of weekly portuguese lessons and activities, due to the summer holidays etc. This happens to me every year around this time and like you i am trying to regroup and get back on track

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  3. Oh yeah. More days than not I don’t feel like doing anything. It’s just the way I am. Which is why I have a minimum task list for the days I feel like crap. So instead of working out for 1 hour, I go for 30 minutes. Instead of writing intensively on a project, I aim for just 250 words of anything. That helps me not fall into the downward spiral. Anyway, wishing you all the best!

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