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Talk Talk

I wrote a short text about speaking. Thanks to csc_3 for the help with this one.

A minha cunhada visitou a irmã dela ontem, o que me deu oportunidade de falar português. A minha mulher costuma* falar inglês em casa, mas quando a família se junta, a conversa passa para português. Falei bem (na minha opinião!), mas estou consciente de ter feito** alguns erros de concordância e tal. Preciso de falar mais.

*dammit, I seem to have some sort of weird mental block about whether to write “costuma” or “customa”

** Hm, when I originally wrote this, I was trying to say “I was conscious of making errors” while I was speaking but by the time the corrector finished straightening out the grammar it said “I am conscious of having made errors” which is also true but I was trying to describe my feeling of self-consciousness in the moment so the meaning has changed slightly.

Portuguese people be like…

I think this lack of speaking practice is a problem I really need to get hold of. As I said a while ago, when I was feeling gloomy, speaking another language is a challenge when you’re an introvert who doesn’t really live for conversation in any language. But I need to make the effort to find a place to get some serious speaking time.


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