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Hot Off The Press: Audiobook News!

Tiago Rebelo - O Último Ano em Luanda Audiobook

I did one of my occasional sweeps through the audiobook sites, on the lookout for new titles in european portuguese and I have managed to add about ten new ones to my audiobook page. The one I’m most excited about is this 👉 O Último Ano Em Luanda (The Last Year in Luanda) by Tiago Rebelo , but there are quite a few others, including a couple of new freebies.

I’ve rearranged the page slightly too: Bertrand is further down the page. I like the fact that they are a specifically portuguese outlet but the sad fact is that their collection hasn’t grown much. Neither has Audible’s. Why, Audible? Why must you torture us lusophiles? Kobo are smashing it though! They have added a few new ones, including some shiny, recent releases that have gone straight on my wish list. So I’ve moved Kobo right to the top of the page and I’m fully recommending that if you are serious about listening to european portuguese audiobooks, that’s the app you need!


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