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One of my favourite things is trying to work out what the hell is going on in slang and social media lingo. Take this one for example…

“Abesbilico” is the “bué” of this generation.

So um… Eh?

First of all, bué. Bué is a word that entered Portuguese via Quimbundo, a language spoken in Angola. It can be used an adverb or a quantifier meaning “a lot”. “Leio bué” =I read a lot, and “Há bué gente” means “There are a lot of people” . This seems to be pretty well known. I first came across it as part of “bué fixe” – very cool.

And what about Abesbilico? I’d never heard of it before.

Tia Branca

Apparently it’s used a lot by Tia Branca who is a presenter on some kind of sex advice show on RTP. It seems to mean something like “gobsmacked”. Hunting around, I can find people asking about it in 2009 when it seems to have surfaced. Nobody seems to be quite sure about its origin. Possibly a splice of “Abismado” and… Something else. I definitely hadn’t seen it in the wild till I saw this but it might be a generational thing: if you search twitter for it, it seems to be getting used about ten times a day, so it’s out there, and I even came across memes of Tik Too teens lipsynching to Tia Branca saying “Este silêncio é propósitado, estou abesbílica”


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