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A Garota Wow!

This video from A Garota Não is giving me goosebumps today. The lyric is written by João Quadros, who is a comedy writer, twitter sage, irritant and sometime collaborator with Bruno Nogueira.

OK, OK, I don’t know an awful lot about Quadros to be honest, so apologies if that last sentence doesn’t do him justice. He seems to have been around for a while and to have written some classics of comedy. He also seems to be one of these people who some people absolutely adore and some people can’t stand. I must say, I didn’t know he’d written anything that could result in this loveliness. I mean, I know her voice and her guitar are doing the heavy lifting in this video, but you don’t write music like that and go to all that effort for any old drivel.

tudo começa numa estrada que termina no Alaska

há um sinal que tem escrito a letras vermelhas: deixe aqui os seus sonhos

desenhou o mapa de tudo o que não conseguiu

com coordenadas de objetivos falhados

o X afastava-o dos lugares onde seria feliz

um mapa de oportunidades desperdiçadas

de chances comprometidas

e de atalhos sem fim.

A Garota Não has an album on iTunes that has its share of bangers. I dunno though, I think I like her videos best: she has a few like this that are based on poems she’s read, or raps she’s heard and decided to interpret in her own way, sometimes singing in harmony with herself in a separate box.

One of them is based on a small fragment of this video by Classe Crua, which is probably the only rap ever written that mentions Theresa May. Weird.

Then there are some covers of songs in English (Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush and Ready or Not by the Fugees) and they’re good too, but we’re here to learn Portuguese, so let’s not get distracted.


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