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Wordle Eclipse of the Heart

Sorry if anyone followed my tip the other day about Termo, the Portuguese Wordle. God knows what happened with today’s word. I think it was the name of a female character from an anime or something. I couldn’t even get it.

joguei #23 X/6 *



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2 thoughts on “Wordle Eclipse of the Heart

  1. A word for instant ramen noodles in Brazil? Not part of my vocabulary and in the end I resorted to internet searching for possibilities. Thanks for the Termo tip, though! joguei #23 6/6 *


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    1. Well done. I couldn’t even find it on the Internet. There’s a Brazilian cheat site and even that was no help! Oh well, if I’m ever in brazil and hungry for noodles, I’ll be glad I learned it 🙂


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