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Wordle On Tap

I’ve mentioned before that there’s a Portuguese version of Wordle called Termo and I’ve been enjoying that in a daily basis. Well, there’s now a termo not on twitter, so this vice is on tap 24 hours a day!

To play, just tweet at this account and tell it a five letter word. It’ll reply straight away and you can keep going till you win. Or don’t.

It’s not as easy to follow as the website because you have to keep track of what letters you’ve used but that’s OK, it’s still fun and challenging and you can do it more than once a day!

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Wordle Eclipse of the Heart

Sorry if anyone followed my tip the other day about Termo, the Portuguese Wordle. God knows what happened with today’s word. I think it was the name of a female character from an anime or something. I couldn’t even get it.

joguei #23 X/6 *


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I keep seeing people posting these funny little boxes online, looking like a bad game of tetris, but I only found out today that there’s a Portuguese version of Wordle called Termo. This is definitely going to be a part of my study-adjacent messing about from now on.

joguei #20 4/6 *