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Fan Mail

Occasionally people write to me and tell me they’ve found this blog helpful in some way and I’m always really delighted that someone else out there in the darkness is going through the same struggles with grammar and has found something in these pages they can use to help them improve.

This is the first time someone has taken the trouble to tell me how shit my Portuguese is though. Well, that’s not very motivating is it? Oh well, never mind. The text of the day was about vaccine denialism and conspiracy theories, so I’m going to salve my ego by telling myself that she’s probably a tinfoil-hat-wearer and that her urge to fling poop at random language bloggers has more to do with seeing her beliefs challenged than it does with whatever defects she found in the text.

But obviously there’s still a lot to do so I’ll keep working hard and hope not to attract too many more critics! *wipes away tears with pages torn out of Português Atual 3*


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2 thoughts on “Fan Mail

  1. Please Colin, just ignore it. I would love to see our lovely “Raquel” to write in English the same way you do in Portuguese. (And since we are dreaming about it, can I add that in her hypothetical childhood, never had contact with the English language – no music, no subtitles, NADA! And then, she maaaaaybbbeeee would have some right to post an opinion about your Portuguese). And I say “maybe” because I think that would be disgusting anyway.
    Please Raquel, don’t make fun on my English, it’s terrible because I’m portuguese. But at least I’m not a b£#£
    Please Colin, continue to write in Portuguese and I’m here bc I feel bad that you received a message like this and I never sent you love, when I always read your posts (I’m a little bit shamed to write in English, and even more with a native speaker). I loved your review about the Relatório DB (laughed too hard with your trouble to understand fast Portuguese speaking, but that’s super normal, I can’t understand most of the Spanish language that way).
    Wishing you the best holiday season!


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