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Challenge of the Week

OK, I’m into the second week of my big push towards C1 proficiency in Portuguese. The Autárquicas (local council elections) are a few days away so I’m going to put a real effort into learning about Portuguese political parties this week, and trying to get my head around what’s at stake and who will be the likely winners and losers, and why.

There are a few podcasts dedicated to the Autárquicas, so I’ve subscribed to one by Antena 1 which seems the most up-to-date and one that’s specific to Viseu and features interviews with all the candidates in that area.

I won’t be limiting myself to the locals though, I’m going to try and get my head around the acronyms and the major players, mainly because I keep seeing their names come up on twitter and I don’t know what to make of the jokes, who is being sarcastic and who isn’t… It seems like something I need to understand properly.


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