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How It Started, How’s It Going

I must admit, when I started my master plan to level up my português proficiency to C1, I wondered if I was being too ambitious and… Well, to be honest, I still think that. It’s going OK so far though, as the optimist said as he fell past the twentieth floor. I’m two days in and I’m keeping it going:

I’ve done two rounds of exercises from A Actualidade em Português and got mainly right answers, plus a couple of things I need to learn from. I’ve also tweeted a few things in my new guise of Pedro Álvares Cabral, discoverer of Brasil, and managed to elicit my first “LOL” with this bad boy.

Still only one follower though, and even that looks like a bot. Early days.

I’ve also written two texts in r/WritestreakPT and read a chapter of a book and about quarter of a banda desenhada called BRK. I’m finding my Portuguese podcasts slightly hard work though. And oh god, I keep doing even more ridiculous things to challenge myself. Since I want to learn poems, i decided to make the first week’s a song, so I started teaching myself Flagrante by Antonio Zambujo on the ukulele but I am hopeless at the ukulele so it’s pretty painful. I’m also thinking of making some sort of politics wallchart that lays out who all the parties and office-holders are so I can understand some of the political tweets better.

Samsung Health in Portuguese - the picture shows the meal tracking screen

The most unexpectedly-helpful thing I’ve done has been tracking my fitness in Portuguese. As I’ve mentioned before, my phone is set to use Portuguese as its system language so most of the apps are in Portuguese too. I started tracking my food and exercise using Samsung Health because I’m too chubby, and I didn’t think I’d learn much because I felt like I knew the names of most foods already but wow, was I ever wrong! I’ve had to look up a ton of foods even in the short time I’ve had it: apricots (damascos), bean sprouts (broto de feijão), soy sauce (molho de soja) and raisins (uvas passas) were just today’s crop of additions to my word-hoard.


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