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Another practice text. Thanks to redditor ansanttos for helping correct my mistakes

A minha filha e a minha esposa visitaram o IKEA hoje. Queriam comprar umas cortinas mas voltaram com 1 300 251 bolachas, 8 formas* de gelado, uma escovilhão de loiça, um candeeiro e várias flores e decorações inesperadas. Juro que aqueles suecos põem drogas nas almôndegas para hipnotisar os clientes e fazê-los comprar coisas de que não precisam.

*=ice cream moulds. I originally said “moldagens” here. I get so confused even over the English word give that there are jelly moulds and moulds that grow on old food and I always have to pause and think is mold is the right spelling for either? It’s not, it’s the American spelling of both but in UK English we don’t use mold at all. Anyway, forma is apparently the right word in Portuguese. but molde is also OK. Not moldagem (which is the act of moulding something) or moldura (a picture frame). And certainly not moulde. I’d like to blame the Americans for that last one but I can’t make the charge stick.


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